School Resources

Welcome to the UDO Academy School Resources page. Here you can find everything you need to begin implementing street dance sessions at your school.

Explore the product cards below to get started. We have Street dance programmes for all ages and abilities.

UDO Academy Street Dance Syllabus

Learn the core styles of Street Dance from the comfort of your home or Dance Studio.

Judges Training

Train to become a qualified UDO Judge.

Dance Tots

Dance Tots is a Fun way to build confidence and fitness in children ages 4-7. whilst they explore, play, learn and develop physical skills through Dance.

Foundations Course

This unique course is designed to enable the learner to gain confidence and knowledge of the fundamentals of the foundation styles of Street Dance.

Workshops & Classes

Core Street Dance workshops are available for Dance Schools, Academic Schools & Community Clubs who wish to engage or enhance their participants/dancers experience and knowledge.

Dance Leaders

Dance leaders description

National Schools

This event is for Academic school dance groups to showcase/compete in any or all dance styles from Street, Ballet & Contemporary to Jazz, Musical Theatre, Cheer and Tap! We also have workshops taking place in various styles!

UDOIT! programme

UDOIT! aims to help as many young people as we can through providing a fun, healthy activity for them to take part in through Street Dance.

Young Ambassadors programme

Take part in the UDOIT! Young Ambassador’s programme.

Find a dance teacher/school

Find a UDO accredited dance teacher or school.

Find your nearest Street Dance competition

Find a regional event near you.