UDO Academy Privacy Policy and Method Statement


UDO Academy, through the examination process or product purchase collects data about you and / or your dancers and / or your organisation. UDO Academy will use this information to enable us to provide you with examination sessions, results and reports as well as any information that is relevant to any products you have purchased or may wish to purchase.

UDO Academy will only obtain such personal data as is necessary for the above purpose and will remedy any inaccuracy without delay. If your personal information changes you should notify UDO Academy.

Personal data will be protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage. All appropriate technical and organisational security measures will be used to ensure the protection of personal data.

UDO Academy will not provide or share your personal data with third parties. Any information about third parties’ products or services will be provided to you by UDO Academy in the event that you have indicated you are prepared to accept such information.

You have the right to receive information in relation to the identity of the data controller whether or not your personal data is being processed and if so the nature and purposes of that processing. You will receive information about any personal data breach that is likely to result in a high risk to your rights and freedoms.


How we will ensure your data is safe:

We will ask for confirmation from all Dance Studios / Teachers that they as a company are GDPR compliant and are therefore sharing their database information lawfully with us for the purpose of registering for an examination.

To register for an exam, entrants details will be entered / uploaded on a secure page on the UDO website. These details will never be stored on a device at UDO, unless the information is further encrypted.

When the examination pack is posted to the Dance Studio, this will be sent via recorded delivery and marked as confidential.

Once the examination is complete, the examiner will return the completed forms to UDO Academy using an encrypted message. Again, this information will not be stored on a device at UDO, unless it is further encrypted.

UDO Academy will have confirmation from our printers that they are GDPR compliant before we continue to use them as our certificate printers. Personal details of the entrants being sent to the printers will be sent via an encrypted file.

Examination grading sheets are kept indefinitely by UDO Academy. Paper versions will be stored in a locked cupboard, in a locked office at UDO HQ. Employees will only have access to this cupboard if it is necessary to their role.

Electronic examination grading sheets will be kept on a device at UDO HQ, that is in a locked office, and the folder will be encrypted. These will also be kept indefinitely.

Encrypted folder details will only be shared with employees who require access to the information if it is necessary to their role.