Dance Tots

“Let your children explore, play, learn, and develop physical skills through Dance. “

The Dance Tots programme is designed for children aged 4-11 (Key stage 2) to explore, play, learn, and develop physical skills through Dance. With engaging music, fun street dance movements, and the opportunity to develop fundamental social, spatial and physical skills, the Dance Tots programme ensures that young children get the very best start on their physical literacy journey.

Dance Tots goes through the basic foundations of street dance in a way that is easy to follow and understand for younger children. It’s a great primer for any children interested in the ever growing medium of Street Dance, and a fantastic excuse to get children up and exercising doing something new and exciting.


Dance Tots is broken down into 4 different seperate key skills each with their own dedicated routine to practice. Key skills covered include:

• Grooves

• Isolations

• Reactions

• Rhythm

The set routines can be taught section by section each week, or split up throughout the term. The pack offers different options to simplify or increase difficulty with all exercises. There are discussion points for each of the exercises to help engage the children and keep them interested in the material. These can be used to encourage the children to communicate in class and also for assessment purposes.

The programme is flexible to fit teachers’ needs!